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Alder Design Co. is a family owned and opperated home funishings boutique. Just about everything you see on this website was handmade for our clients. We started out making high quality furniture and have recently expanded our line to include decor, lighting and cabinetry. Our goal is to provide a total solution for your home furnishing needs.

As I sit and write this I can see our dining room table that I built for our family just a couple years ago. I think about all the memories with friends and family that have already been made around that table and the many more that will be made. To me building furniture is more than just building pieces to fill up a house. Its about helping families create space to grow together and learn together. Its about helping build memories that build strong families.

I truly do consider it a privilege that I get to do what I do. I would love to build a piece for your home that will last for many years and many memories to  come.





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